Turmeric Who?…And How to Get Rid of a Hangover

May 02, 2018

There’s been a lot of talk of curcumin lately as an amazing hangover remedy, but “where does it come from and what exactly is turmeric?” may be the next questions on your mind. Curcumin is extracted from turmeric and used as its own natural medicine, but let’s explore the differences between the two further. This brightly colored relative of ginger is much more than American mustard coloring.

Turmeric is an Indian plant whose root is harvested, dried and powdered to be used as a spice and/or medicine. Traditionally speaking, it was used to treat almost every known health condition at one point in time. Like one might eat an orange for vitamin C, one would also consume turmeric for its curcumin. Indeed, it has been referred to as a whole pharmacy of nutrients working harmoniously. Nowadays, we know it to fight pain, inflammation, depression, fat growth and accumulation, and Alzheimer’s. Further investigation is now reporting on anti-cancer and tumor properties, as well.

Could this remarkable superfood called turmeric be in fact the best hangover cure? The anti-inflammatory properties of its active compound, curcumin, have long been praised as agents that aid in helping to prevent cancer and heart disease. But for you, the one too many Old-Fashioned’s at your friend’s engagement party last night, what does it mean for you? Because whether you choose to enjoy a ReadyQ before or after the fact, you can take advantage of this ancient spice, party all night long, and still wake up feeling pretty invincible. Let us tell you why…

When you imbibe, alcohol produces a bit of an acid residue (yuck) on your insides. You are dehydrated and your liver is working overtime to break down ethanol from the alcohol and can’t give you the glucose you need to feel normal again. The specific curcumin dose we include in each ReadyQ bottle is precisely what you need to get over that hangover hump. Curcumin basically acts as a mop to your liver and stomach lining. It prevents the nausea that would otherwise greet you in the night (if taken before), or will relieve it in the morning (if you can drag yourself to the kitchen for a guzzle).

All of this being said, curcumin extracts (or curried dishes) may be the best way to get adequate dosage of the compound since a typical turmeric root contains only about 2-5% curcumin. Taking an unstandardized powdered version of the root means that very large amount would be necessary to get a beneficial amount of curcumin. The curcumin dosage in ReadyQ is just perfect for you to reap its astounding benefits.

So we’re hoping that by now you’ve experienced the wondrous hangover relieving effects of curcumin in ReadyQ, but what other health issues might you want to alleviate with this miracle bioactive compound if you happen to go sober for a month (hypothetically speaking, of course)? Let’s reveal more about the most underrated yet best hangover cure around…

Obviously, it is anti-inflammatory in a major way. This amazing quality means it not only reduces inflammation physically, as in arthritis, obesity and skin conditions, but also mentally, as it helps alleviate major depressive disorder, as well. This property also makes it an amazing natural painkiller. It offers protection against many environmental and dietary toxins, and as an antioxidant it ameliorates nicotine induced oxidative stress, thus preventing liver toxicity.

Topical application helps ward off infection and control bleeding. Additionally, by regulating the immune system, it improves autoimmune conditions like lupus and multiple sclerosis. Most recently, it has become well known as an anti-cancer agent. Its anti-metastatic properties help halt the spread while also acting to kill cancer cells.

Male and female reproductive systems benefit greatly from curcumin’s anti-microbial characteristics (inhibiting infection) and phytoestrogenic activity. Curcumin also supports the development of bone tissue building cells, on top remedying numerous stomach conditions like gastric ulcers and IBS. The antioxidant activity of this compound is on par with that of vitamin C and E. And by increasing antioxidant capacity, it prevents oxidative damage to the body. For example, it greatly benefits various eye related disorders.

All of this, in addition to being a great protector of the heart, brain and nervous system by restoring dopamine levels, preventing stroke and lowering cholesterol levels.

But let’s get back to that dreaded hangover, the entire reason you are searching for a miracle hangover remedy in the first place! Of course, in the moment that Pina Colada tastes delicious, but what you may not realize is that at that very moment of consumption, you are already slowly becoming dehydrated as your body makes every effort to balance it water levels. And unless you are consistently alternating your alcohol with lots of water (very few of us actually do), the headache may be the worst part of your hangover the following day. So what exactly is causing that pounding in your head?

When you’re intoxicated, the heart works harder but the brain actually slows down production of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which helps the body retain water. Once this production shuts down, water pours out of the kidneys. This liquid exodus causes dehydration and ultimately an electrolyte imbalance. Yet, it is actually the rapid infusion of alcohol into the blood vessels causing them to dilate that contributes to the feeling that your brain is at war with itself. These vessels FEED your grey matter and can be blamed as the primary cause of the pounding in your head.

As your body is pouring its water supplies into your blood stream to dilute the alcohol, blood volume and pressure is increased. Your need to rid yourself of the water, via the ‘loo, means our brain loses water, too. And since we carry about 70% water in our skulls, any dehydration leads to shrinkage, which in turn leads to that massive pounding headache. ReadyQ’s central ingredient, curcumin, reduces cranial blood vessel inflammation making it the best hangover cure on the planet, and the only one with patented Theracurmin®.

Too much alcohol, over a prolonged period of time will, of course, cause problems for several parts of the body. These issues originate with basic inflammation that can be halted -- or even prevented entirely -- if one can incorporate the right superfoods, like aforementioned curcumin, into their regular diet. The old adage goes, “Eat right, exercise and get enough sleep”. Well, we’d like to add “Don’t forget the ReadyQ”. Not convinced alcohol is causing more than a monster headache and bloat? Let’s take a look…

Brain. Alcohol affects the cells on a molecular level and can lead to memory loss, judgment problems and much more. Dementia, seizures and blackouts are extreme effects. Not learning or remembering as much as a few years back? Hmmm…

Heart. You may feel as though alcohol has often tricked you into falling in love with the wrong person, but what you may not know is that is also weakens the heart muscles. Heart beat irregularity and stroke can result over long periods of drinking heavily.

Lungs. Infections appear to be common amongst those that drink regularly. Infections result from inflamed tissues and/or cells in the lungs. Your nausea and vomiting doesn’t help the situation, as the liquids you spew are quite acidic on the organs they pass through.

Skin. Blotchiness and redness is the result of your blood vessels widening, ultimately because of dehydration. Additionally, bruising increases because of lack of vitamin C.

Liver. This hard-working organ is usually affected the most by copious amounts of alcohol. Playing a vital role in detoxification and blood circulation, the liver also processes sugars and fats and stores vitamins and minerals. Damage to your liver from drinking is cumulative and so the effects may not be seen immediately. However, once the liver is inflamed and ultimately damaged, all of these processes are severely affected. Digestion, detoxification, protein building, blood clotting and so much more. We beg you, don’t inflame this guy, he is uber necessary for body functioning.

Bottom line: your body feels stressed and INFLAMED when too much alcohol is involved. ReadyQ’s specific dose of curcumin and its outstanding anti-inflammatory properties to the rescue. No more hangover. No more regrets. That’s why ReadyQ is again, a very good friend to have. A highly sought after hangover cure indeed.

Stay informed, healthy, happy and healed with ReadyQ.  You are ready!