Theracurmin® Benefits

Guarding against the short and long-term negatives effects of consuming alcohol. Good for general health.


Theracurmin® is made from the turmeric plant. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years and studied for decades for its invaluable health benefits. Curcumin is the magic yellow pigment in the turmeric plant that provides the health boost, however, there is only about 3% curcumin in turmeric. It's also not easily absorbed by the body due to its larger particle size.  


Theracurmin and Curcumin Healtg Benefits

Theracurmin® solves the low absorption problem with its innovative curcumin formulation. It dramatically enhances absorption through patented techniques to reduce curcumin's particle size, dramatically increasing its solubility and increasing its bioavailability up to 28 times. Compare the particle size and concentration of normal curcumin vs Theracurmin® below:
Theracurmin curcumin particle size

 Below you can see how easily and immediately  Theracurmin® dissolves due to the tiny particles. Now compare that to normal curcumin which is not water soluble, therefore not easily absorbed by the body.

Curcumin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help fight the short and long-term negative effects of alcohol consumption. It is extremely effective in significantly decreasing blood-acetaldehyde levels and improving liver function.

Theracurmin best curcumin absorption rate

ReadyQ’s unique formulation of Theracurmin®, vitamins and extracts will help with alcohol metabolism. Enjoy some ReadyQ after a few alcoholic beverages or before going to bed and feel the difference the next morning. Regular consumers can use ReadyQ continually for general health.   

Theracurmin® Benefits - Results: Clinical Studies

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1. Skin Health
Theracurmin® can help improve skin condition by increasing skin moisture and reducing blemishes (age spots).

Theracurmin and turmeric for good skin

2. Respiratory Health
Significantly helped reduce the change ratio of AT-LDL (a 1-antitrypsin Low-Density Lipoprotein) over a six month period of regular use.
Thercurmin turmeric heart health
3. Alcohol Metabolism 
Significantly decreases blood-acetaldehyde level (increasing acetaldehyde metabolism capability for prevention of negative early mornings).
Alcohol metabolism theracurmin turmeric
4. Liver Function
It improved y-GTP, ALT and AST levels within a month. 
Theracurmin turmeric liver function
5. Joint Health
Theracurmin® assists in reducing joint pain and decreases NSAIDs dependence. It can also help to reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis.
Theracurmin turmeric joint health
6. Oral Health
It showed to decrease PPD (Probing Pocket Depth) and  CAL (Clinical Attachment Level) in patients.
Theracurmin turmeric oral health 
7. Cardiovascular Health
Theracurmin® significantly improved carotid artery functioning and stiffness in may studies.
Theracurmin turmeric cardiovascular health
8. Hearth Health
It improved diastolic dysfunction without changing systolic blood pressure.
hearth health hangover theracurmin turmeric
9. Cancer Prevention/Treatment 
QOL scores were significantly improved in patients with refractory pancreatic or biliary cancer. It also improved treatment for 21% of patients and many terminal patients saw extended treatment by more than 12 months.
cancer prevention theracurmin turmeric
10. Sports Recovery
It helps reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress by increasing blood antioxidant capacity. 
Increase blood antioxidant levels Theracurmin turmeric
Theracurmin® also assists in accelerating muscle strength recovery due to it anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory properties. 

Muscle recovery Turmeric Theracurmin


If you are a health-conscious drinker then regular consumption of some ReadyQ and Theracurmin® can greatly combat the negatives, short and long term.